Financial Identification & Location

When inquiring about financial activities, such as business dealings, assets of a company, or an individual, our financial identification team focuses on obtaining pertinent information from a variety of sources in the United States and in foreign countries. Financial inquiries are to be directed toward developing personal, financial, ethical, and professional profiles.

When investigating a financial partner or mechanism, we are specifically driven by the objectives of our client. With access to a wealth of sources and databases, we can provide detailed information on persons, places, things and events, from today to years into the past. This task can be completed by investigating, and verifying complete personal and corporate histories, financial inquiries, asset locates, reports, articles, patents, searches, records, research and histories. Special restrictions may apply to certain types of investigations.

At this agency we follow the money. The analysis of undisclosed or diverted assets is essential to enforcing a successful judgment. Our on-line search capabilities include searches of a country, local, state and federal records for liquid assets, property and business interests. As a result of our findings, we supplement this data with interviews of individuals familiar with the subjects’ financial history to ensure a complete financial picture.