We investigate law enforcements investigation of your case.

Defense Investigators (DI) is a subsidiary of The Detective Agency, one of the leading criminal investigation firms in the United States.We have won over ninety percent of our criminal cases.

The Detective Agency has investigated well over 1,000 cases since 1995. Attorneys can have a great understanding of the law, be artful and skilled in the courtroom, but their cases are ultimately only as good as the facts gathered by a skilled investigator.

Experienced high profile trial lawyers understand this, and win their cases repeatedly when they hire The Detective Agency.

The Detective Agency investigators have special access and an intimate understanding of key witnesses from diverse communities, particularly from the African American and Hispanic population.

The inroads and investigative techniques made into these communities have cultivated our unique niche in the field of civil/criminal investigation.

Our investigators gather priceless information that can be used to win your case.

A major objective of any good criminal/civil case is to break down witnesses by utilizing vigorous cross examination techniques. The Detective Agency understands this and locates key witnesses, statements and documents to make your cross examinations almost effortless.