About Us

Private Investigators Specializing in Criminal Defense Investigations throughout the United States.

Defense Investigators is a professional private investigation firm specializing in criminal defense and civil investigations for attorneys and pro-se clients at the pre-trial, and appellate court stages.

As one of the nation's leading criminal defense investigative agencies, we pride ourselves on our continued success in proving the innocence of suspects, and by providing irrefutable evidence to overturn convictions in appellate courts.

All across the nation thousands of people are currently sitting in jails or prisons awaiting trial for crimes they didn't commit. There are others who may be going through the appeals process.

We are experts in providing proof of innocence or uncovering reasonable doubt for defense attorneys and pro-se clients. This often culminates in full acquittals or reduced sentences.

In addition we also provide a wide range of civil investigations for attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public.

The firm has special access and an intimate understanding of the minority community, which has cultivated our unique niche in the field of investigation.

We provide critical and essential investigation practices into all aspects of the defense case to include location of witnesses, gathering statements of witnesses, evaluations, evidence collection, review of police records and personnel files, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, trial exhibit preparation, document analysis, and regional canvassing. Additionally, we also provide other services as requested by the client.

We know that we can maximize your potential for success by providing the best intelligence. Our policy is to procure information through qualified personnel and professional intelligence gathering. We conduct timely, confidential, and critical investigations on numerous types of civil/criminal cases.

Defense Investigators provides the highest level of professionalism in the intelligence-gathering field. We use creative approaches to provide accurate information to make a responsive decision.

Our team of professionals, headed by Paris London include: Criminal defense Investigators, Legal experts, Investigative Specialists, Specially Trained Research Database Experts and Security Consultants and technicians.

Our intelligence, attention to detail, and sheer fervor set us apart as one of the best organizations to help with your case.

Our long and positive track record reflects the fact that we offer the most discreet and dependable civil & criminal investigative services available.