State of Florida vs. Joseph Brazer


Circuit Court for Broward County, Florida


Assault and Battery, 12 counts of child abuse



Prosecution's theory of case

A substitute teacher at an alternative school committed felony battery by striking one of the high school students.

Details of Investigation

Conducted background investigations and interviewed client regarding current case and prior criminal history; investigated and determined who was present at the time of the incident. Located, and reviewed prior student school records, incidents, and all other altercations. Determined that primary victim had a history of problems in school with teachers and principals in charge. Interviewed police officers involved in case, located internal affairs records on all involved law enforcement personnel. Through investigation we were able to show that the student assaulted the teacher, and that the teacher reacted in self-defense. The jury returned its "not guilty" verdict in less than 15 minutes. The initial story had been reported by every news agency in South Florida and numerous other online publications including the Los Angeles Times. News of the client�s acquittal was reported locally by NBC 6, WSVN, CBS4, the Miami Herald (Broward edition), and the Sun-Sentinel. The acquittal was also reported online by MSNBC