U.S. v. Kevin Honesty


Superior Court of District of Columbia


18 Counts of 1st Degree Murder (Triple Homicide)



Prosecution's theory of case

A drug deal gone bad, resulting in a triple homicide; crime committed ten years before client was charged.

Details of Investigation

Conduct background investigations and interview client regarding current case and prior criminal history; located residents of the crime scene; interviewed every person who lived around the crime scene when crime was committed in ten years prior; took photos and video taped crime scene; located three witnesses who were paid informants, and in witness protection program; took tape recorded statements from the three paid informants who recanted their grand jury testimony; revealed amount paid to informants; located telephone, and pager toll records from ten year period prior to crime charged; located employees of telephone and pager companies going back over ten year period; obtained and reviewed medical records of the three victims; traced all in/out calls placed on victims cellular phone and located every person called; interviewed all persons who spoke with victim on day of murder; obtained tape-recorded statements from eyewitnesses to murder stating defendant had no involvement.