United States vs. Salvador Magluta


Southern District of Florida


Conspiracy; Witness Tampering; Obstruction Of Justice; Forfeiture; Murder; Money- Laundering


JURY TRIAL=Acquitted of 31 counts of a 43 count Indict

Prosecution's theory of case

The client ran the biggest drug organization in the United States, and after he was acquitted by a jury of his peers for trafficking 72 tons of cocaine, he was only acquitted because he caused three murders of witnesses that was suppose to testify at trial, and laundered 25 million dollars of illegal proceeds to pay for his defense, along with bribing the jury, and tampering with government witness, and obstructing justice.

Details of Investigation

Conduct background investigations and interviewed client regarding current case and prior criminal history; investigated and located over 150 defense witnesses housed in federal institutions nationwide. Interviewed and did extensive background, criminal history, and family location checks. Interviewed and located over 150 civilian witnesses from a ledger dating between 1985-1995 consisting of 25 million dollars worth of disbursements. Took pictures and investigated three homicide cases and crime scenes. Located and retrieved numerous records, documents, and reports throughout the United States regarding clients past and present cases. Located names and address of all governmental confidential informants, and dates of debriefings. Located the following toll records: cellular, pager, and home telephone. Located and investigated the panel of jurors that set on clients prior case where he was acquitted of 72 tons of cocaine. Subpoenaed numerous witness, and documents nationwide for case. Obtain and help design numerous trial exhibits consisting of charts, graphs, and diagrams. Testified at trial.