U.S. vs. Desiree Smith


Superior Court of District of Columbia


1st Degree Murder; Manslaughter



Prosecution's theory of case

while client was pregnant, she got into an altercation at her house with her current child's father other baby mother this altercation let to her ending up at a hospital with eleven stab wounds to her chest, after she drove away from the clients house with no visible signs of bleeding this victim ultimately expired, her child's fathers, old girlfriend and current child's mother came.

Details of Investigation

Conduct background investigation and interview client regarding current case and prior criminal history.

interviewed and located three eyewitnesses that revealed the following

  • That no one could attest to seeing blood on victim's clothing
  • That no one could accurately describe the murder weapon;
  • The route taken to the hospital was 45 minutes out of the way, that the victim was conscious and driving when she left the crime scene
  • The victim started the confrontation

Obtained information that the prosecution was giving special consideration to un indicted co - conspirator for testifying against client.Located and interviewed grand jury witnesses that recanted their testimony at trial.Took pictures of crime scene and prepare several diagrams, exhibits, and charts for trial.