State of Florida vs. Aaron Eddins


Circuit Court for Miami-Dade, Florida


Second Degree Murder



Prosecution's theory of case

The defendant was suicidal for robbing a drug dealer of a lot of drugs and money. The defendant decided to use the drugs he stole; he got three prostitutes and started partying. Instead of putting a gun to his head, when the drug dealer found him he shot and killed the drug dealer at point blank range in front of three eye witnesses.

Details of Investigation

Conduct background investigations and interview client regarding current case and prior criminal history; located and interviewed all involved witnesses. Interviewed an eyewitness that stated the decedent had a 44 magnum in a holster on his leg at the crime scene before he was shot. Learned identity of confidential informants unnamed in the warrant application; determined that primary government witnesses were three area prostitutes that was at the scene of the day of the crime; located identities of witnesses who were informants, and one eye witness who alleged that the police would not take his statement or his identifying information because he was homeless. Took statements, and prepared affidavits for witnesses; Located and reviewed records, and discovery from entire period of arrest to crime charged, to trial.