U.S. vs. Fredrick Miller et.al.


U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia Washington DC


Conspiracy, Rico, Racketeering, Continuing Criminal Enterprise, Possession with intent to distribute 1 kilograms or more of PCP and Aiding and Abetting, Attempted Possession of 100 grams or more of Heroin, Possession with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of Cocaine base. (71 COUNT INDICTMENT)



Prosecution's theory of case

The defendant was a co-conspirator an a leader of a drug enterprise consisting of more than eleven people that sold cocaine throughout the United States. The enterprise distributed more than 50 kilograms of Cocaine and more than 100 grams of Heroin. The government seized more than 800 thousand dollars.

Details of Investigation

Conducted background investigations and interviewed client regarding current case and prior criminal history; located and interviewed all involved government informants. Interviewed indicted co-conspirators/government witnesses in Federal Custody. Learned identity of confidential informants unnamed in the warrant application; determined that primary informant was major drug dealer, user, and trafficker who was a target of a separate Federal Narcotics Investigation. Located background information on confidential informant that was given as a benefit for becoming a government informant. Reviewed over 11,000 title 3 wiretap tapes and compact disc. Also reviewed several video surveillance tapes and compact disc; located witnesses housed in the Bureau of Prisons who were informants; reviewed BOP housing records. Located travel and bankruptcy records, loan payment information. Obtained statements, and prepared affidavits for witnesses; located and reviewed records, and discovery from entire period of alleged conspiracy, and to crime charged.