Paris London is a prime investigator, commodity in multiple states, who comes highly recommended with exceeding expertise in a plethora of specialized advances in criminal defense. Paris’ ability to accumulate pertinent information about each case gives clients positive reassurance and trustworthiness and favorable results. Since 1988, The Detective Agency has been a prominent fixture in many high profile criminal cases when investigation comes to mind.

One of the most important elements of a successful criminal defense is having an experienced Criminal Defense Investigator on your defense team. An experienced Criminal Defense Investigator will develop information, secure potential witnesses and/or evidence as soon as possible to ensure the integrity.

An experienced Defense Investigator is needed to investigate the facts to support the client as well as investigate the evidence of law enforcement to possibly uncover any deviations and/or any oversights of new or missed evidence. Attention to the smallest detail is critical.

Far too often the investigating officer will draw a conclusion and form their opinion before the case is investigated. Criminal defense investigation is about finding mistakes and holes in the prosecution’s case and uncovering evidence and witnesses which will refute their claims—perhaps even an alibi. It also can involve finding what is called “exculpatory evidence”—evidence which might have helped the defendant, had the prosecution revealed its existence to the defense. If law enforcement interviewed any witnesses who are not on the State’s witness list, a defense investigator should speak to them, for sure. Defense attorneys like to know ahead of time what a witness is going to say, if possible.

It also helps to visit the scene of the crime, even though it may be weeks later. It helps form a picture and may point to areas which were neglected or not followed up on by the investigating party for the prosecution.

One question which should be asked of law enforcement personnel who were on the scene of an incident is, “At what point did you determine a crime had been committed?” If an officer is headed to a call with a predetermination that a crime is taking place, an arrest is imminent. If not, what fact at the scene changed his mind?


A criminal defense investigator will review the police investigation and re-interview witnesses to find changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads. A criminal defense investigator’s role is to find witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt that will show the jury that there is reason to believe that the defendant is not responsible for committing the crime.

The professional criminal defense investigator must talk to all witnesses; analyze all the evidence (including physical, video, audio, photographic, etc.) in discovery that is compiled by the prosecution. It is the defense investigators responsibility to locate these witnesses, retrieve accurate statements and identify information to contradict the case that law enforcement is building as well as changes in witness’ stories from their original statement. This means that the investigator must be knowledgeable about the case and skilled in interviewing techniques and interviewing methodologies.

A professional defense investigator will have the knowledge to review evidence and reports and determine whether or not what the prosecution claims are consistent, accurate and truthful. It is not uncommon for a skilled investigator to uncover inconsistencies or unusual information in reports that will give rise to avenues of investigation favorable to the defense. The main objective of criminal defense investigation is to break down prosecution witnesses by utilizing vigorous cross-examination techniques. This can help reduce and eliminate their credibility and the weight given to their testimony.

Ever wonder if your discovery file is complete? Ever wonder what law enforcement may have missed or not included in their reports? Not sure what a witness really saw? Hire a criminal defense Investigator! They will work with you to find all of the evidence available and determine a strategy for using that evidence to support your theory of the case at trial. Here are just a few of the services they provide in criminal defense cases:

  • Exhaustive Discovery Review
  • Missing Discovery List
  • Witness Locates
  • Witness Interviews
  • Sworn Statements
  • Preparation and Service of Subpoenas
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Crime Scene Photo and Video Documentation

While a professional investigator is not expected to be an all knowing, omnipotent person, his experience should have provided him with a broad knowledge base. For example, he must have some knowledge of serums and blood stains, human anatomy, ballistics, firearms and forensics. He must also understand crime scene reconstruction, photography and evidence collection procedures. In addition, a good professional criminal defense investigator will also know how to conduct research, locate governmental records, utilize computers and will have a working knowledge of criminal law and procedures.

Effective defense investigators also have developed a networking system with other investigators in order to be able to utilize the services of other investigators in other jurisdictions should it become necessary to locate a witness or conduct other investigative activities when required. This networking ability also aids the investigator when he is called upon to locate expert witnesses necessary to assist in the case.

A professional Investigator must have a total understanding and working knowledge of the Rules of Evidence so that he will be able to obtain and preserve evidence that will be admissible at trial. This includes understanding the rules concerning privileges, hearsay, admissions, confessions and co-conspirator statements, declarations against interest as well as those made as part of the res geste of the crime or incident being investigated.

Professional investigators also know and follow high ethical standards in all of their activities. This knowledge must also include an understanding of the Legal Canons of Ethics and how the investigator’s actions may impact upon the attorney for whom he is working. For example an investigator working for one of several defendants, must understand that he cannot interview the co-defendants without first obtaining their attorney’s approval. Investigation is the key to every criminal case. The Detective Agency has investigated numerous criminal cases nationwide. Our office has been involved in the success of numerous cases. This success was not only because of experienced trial attorneys, but because of the thorough investigations that were provided by our office which enabled the attorneys to successfully defend their clients. You are innocent until proven guilty. You are entitled to a lawyer to represent you on all criminal charges whether you can afford one or not. However, even if you have a criminal defense attorney, a criminal defense investigator can be critical to the out come of your case. If you are going to fight your case and go to trial you need a complete investigation done on your case.

Paris London is a licensed Certified Criminal Defense Investigator. As devoted career criminal defense investigator, he has unwaveringly devoted his practice to the defense of state, and federal criminal cases and other federal matters since 1995. He have also investigated over 1000 criminal cases federal and state and have provided defense investigative services in all types of criminal cases through out the United States. He can be contacted at 877.202.8787 or on the internet at, or or . Offices throughout the Unites States.

“Investigation” the Key to winning your Criminal Case!

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