JSO Corrections Officer arrested for releasing information about Confidential Informant

Jacksonville, FL –  A 2 ½ year veteran Corrections Officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has resigned, after he was arrested for sharing information about a confidential informant with a member of the public.

Undersheriff Pay Ivey says 25-year-old Dustin Koenig took a photo of a screen showing a confidential arrest docket, and sent the photo to a person outside of JSO. Ivey says JSO keeps a confidential docket for cases with “active criminal intelligence information”, and the information in this docket is clearly marked that it should not be shared.

The information that Koenig captured includes some personal information about a Confidential Informant, including address and other things that would be on an arrest report.

“We have the responsibility, when we sign people up to be Confidential Informants, there’s an expectation of us helping to keep them safe,” Ivey says.

He says, in addition to threatening active cases involving the CI, this could have put that man’s safety at risk as well.

“Anytime you release that, you don’t know. It’s a small world, you don’t know who knows who and what will occur,” Ivey says.

The investigation started mid-last month, when JSO’s Integrity Unit was made aware that there was evidence a member of the public had the photo of a confidential arrest docket. That civilian cooperated with JSO, and it resulted in Koenig’s arrest.

Ivey says Koenig admitted to what he did, and then resigned from JSO.


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