1. Hire a Criminal Defense Investigator as soon as possible.
  2. Determine if the wiretaps are legal.
  3. Listen to each and every phone call from the wiretap.
  4. Listen to the wiretap to see what other people are saying about you.
  5. Compare the line sheets to the actual wiretap phone calls.
  6. Compare the wiretaps to the information in the indictment.
  7. Do a background investigation on all involved people that you do not know on the wiretap.
  8. Subpoena the telecomm company that honored the subpoena from the FBI for their cost of wiretapping.
  9. Subpoena the telephone records to obtain the CI’s wiretaps, and text messages.
  10. Subpoena the government for payment records for all confidential informants.
  11. Subpoena payment records for all law-enforcement officers claiming to be working at time of wiretap.

Paris London, Licensed Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator. As devoted career criminal defense investigator, that have unwaveringly devoted his practice to the defense of state, and federal criminal cases and other federal matters since 1995. He have also investigated over 1000 criminal cases federal and state. He have provided defense investigative services in all types of criminal cases through out the United States. He can be contacted at 877.202.8787 or found on the internet at or or .They have offices throughout the Unites States.


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