2 Miami Area Cops Arrested In Unrelated Domestic Incidents

MIAMI, FL — Two police officers working for different agencies in Miami-Dade County have been arrested in unrelated domestic incidents. One of the arrested officers works for the Miami Police Department. The other works in the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Officer Joey Diaz of the Miami Police Department is facing a charge of battery in connection with a domestic-related incident that occurred on Monday, according to city police.

“It is an unfortunate situation when we have to arrest one of our own,” Miami police said in announcing the arrest on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade police charged 44-year-old Raymond Rosario with child abuse in connection with a disciplinary incident involving his 14-year-old daughter.

The Miami-Dade officer allegedly struck his daughter multiple times on March 19 after he was called to her school to deal with her disrespectful conduct toward a teacher.

“The defendant responded to the school and requested the victim be brought to the main office,” court documents said of Rosario. “Once the victim entered the main office, the defendant slapped the victim in the face, grabbed the victim’s hair and hit the victim with a belt on her legs two times.”

Court documents also accused Rosario of punching his daughter in the face, though his daughter told police that she did not suffer any bruising or visible injuries. The officer was formally charged on Monday.

2 Miami Area Cops Arrested In Unrelated Domestic Incidents

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