TALLAHASSEE, Fla., (WCTV) — Leon County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jarrett Broughton is behind bars for allegedly making a female ride-along expose her breasts to him.

The victim filed a complaint on March 1 regarding Deputy Broughton making her show him her breasts on Sept. 20, 2017 while participating in a Citizen Ride-Along.

According to the victim, while on a ride-along to 1300 Aenon Church Road, Broughton asked questions about why she wanted to do the ride-along and why she wanted to become a law enforcement officer. He then reportedly asked her if she wanted to play “Truth or Dare.”

The victim agreed to play and asked the deputy to tell a “Truth.” She asked him if he had ever used his badge to intimidate someone and he answered ‘no, he hadn’t.’ On Broughton’s turn, he “Dared” the victim to pull up her shirt to expose her breasts to him, the sheriff’s office said.

After he asked the first time, the victim allegedly responded “no.” Broughton then drove her to Lake Talquin State Forrest, down a dirt road to show her his “big gun.” The victim stated this is where Deputy Broughton let her hold his rifle and collapsible baton. Prior to leaving that location, Broughton asked her not to tell anyone about him letting her hold his weapons.

After leaving that location, they went east on State Road 20 and Broughton allegedly asked the victim to show him her breasts again. She replied “no” a second time, according to the incident report.

After leaving State Road 20, Broughton allegedly drove them to another location deeper into the national forest. Once they arrived, he allegedly parked his patrol car, grabbed his baton, stepped out of the car and asked the victim to come with him to see if anyone was “fooling around” down the trail. During their walk, the deputy had his baton fully expanded at his side and asked the victim for a third time to show him her breasts. She said “no.”

After a few minutes of walking in silence, the deputy allegedly got closer to the victim and leaned into her while bringing his baton around his shoulders and asked her to show him her breasts again. According to the victim, she felt like she didn’t have a choice because she was in fear he would strike her with the baton. The victim lifted both her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts to the deputy. According to the incident report, Broughton shined his flashlight on her and asked if he could touch them. She said “no.” After she exposed her breasts, they walked back to the car where Broughton told her not to tell anyone about the incident.

The victim told the sheriff’s office Wednesday of the alleged incidents while attempting to register for another ride-along. When an investigator interviewed Broughton about the alleged incident, he said he wanted to speak with his attorney.

A signed warrant was issued for Broughton’s arrest on Friday. Broughton turned himself in, and was in the Leon County Jail as of Saturday morning on charges of aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony.

Deputy fired, arrested after allegedly making a ride along expose herself

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